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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

King Lear - an Essay


There are a lot of similarities in two Shakespeare stories HAMLET
and KING LEAR. I guess its because of the style in which Shakes
peare wrote. William Shakespeare wrote three kinds of stories: comedy,
tragedy and history. Both of these books are tragedies and they are
very similar tragedies. In both of these stories there is a feud going
on within the family. And in both the feud is between the children and
their parents or relatives. Hamlet is looking for the revenge on his
uncle for killing Hamlets father and hes upset with his mother
marrying the murderer. Here Lears evil daughters try to completely
destroy their father.

Lear calls his daughters and asks them who loves the most. Regan and
Goneril lie just to get Lears land and power. Cordelia honestly
answers Lear and for that is given away to France, because Lear has
gone out of his mind. After Lear gives out almost all his land he
realizes his wrongdoing and tries to restore his power. But now its
too late, because his daughters already took away all the land. He sees
how evil his daughters really are and they dont love him at all, so he
curses them. Now Lear appears to be crazy from his actions, but in
reality he exactly knows what is going on.

Hamlet saw the ghost of his father and it told Hamlet that his uncle
killed him to become the king. This shows that the person will even
commit murder to get control of the country, .........

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